Downhill Karting has now closed for the season. We look forward to welcoming you back for the 2022 season when the weather is a bit warmer ☀️!

Closed for Winter, re-opening Spring 2022.
A dad and his son ride the Skyride at Skyline Luge Calgary. A dad and his son ride the Skyride at Skyline Luge Calgary.



  • What happens if I pre booked an open dated ticket?

    Please click here to contact us and book a time slot for your visit. Please bring your original ticket with you when you visit.
  • Can I bring my own helmet?

    Yes, you are able to bring your own helmet providing it's not a full-faced helmet.

    Please note: In order to purchase photos of your experience you'll need to grab an RFID sticker and attach it to your helmet. This enables us to locate your images.

  • What clothing and shoes should I wear?

    We recommend you wear comfortable clothing and covered toe shoes.

  • Are there height/ weight limits to ride the Chairlift and Downhill Kart?

    Downhill Karting:

    Children must be at least 6 years of age and over 110cm tall to be eligible to ride alone.

    Children under 6 years of age and between 85cm and 110cm tall can ride the kart in tandem (Peewees), with an adult aged 20+ years and from their own bubble/cohort.


    You must be over 85cm to ride the Chairlift, be able to walk unassisted and be able to follow instruction from staff.

    However, guests need to be aware of and comply with the 'Alpine Responsibility Code - Clause 10' when boarding the chairlift: “You must have sufficient physical dexterity, ability and knowledge to safely load, ride and unload lifts. If in doubt, ask the lift attendant.”

    There are no weight restrictions on either the Chairlift or the Kart. 

  • Can I ride if I am pregnant?

    For safety reasons, expectant mothers are not permitted to ride the track.

  • How fast does the Downhill Kart go? Am I able to control the speed?

    Our purpose-built karts are gravity-fueled and the rider has full control over speed and direction using a unique braking and steering system, so the speed depends on you!

  • Is it possible to make bookings for large groups or team building events?

    For large groups or team building event bookings (20 or more) please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible with what is possible in the current Covid 19 environment.

  • Do you have any birthday party packages available?

    Yes, please contact us so we can help you arrange your birthday event 🎉.

  • Can I buy a gift voucher for this experience?

    Yes, gift cards can be purchased here.

    Please note: Due to the current Covid 19 environment, the person receiving the gift card will also need to book a specific session time on a specific day.

  • How long should I spend here?

    We encourage guest to arrive in the first 30mins of your chosen session time. Please leave enough time to complete your rides before the end of your allocated time slot. For all 6pm – 7pm bookings, we ask that guests arrive at 6pm or before to ensure they have enough time to finish their rides before closing.

    1 lap of the course (including downhill ride & chairlift) takes approximately 20 minutes. This time will vary during peak hours and guests will need to prepare for some queuing when it comes to loading the chairlift and getting instructions.

    Please note we are an outdoor activity and there is no shade at our top terminal, so please ensure you prepare accordingly for the weather of the day you are riding.

    For a half-day visit, we recommend also trying Mini Golf which is available at WinSport this summer - find out more.

  • What happens if while open, Downhill Karting temporarily goes on hold due to adverse weather conditions?

    Weather checks will be given on tickets when weather causes our operation to close for more than 30 minutes. Weather checks will allow riders to complete their unused or remaining rides at another time. You can check the status of our operations on our website, we recommend checking before you come to visit.

  • Do you have cameras on the track and can we buy photos of our experience?

    Yes, printed and digital photos can be purchased onsite or pre-purchased online.

    If you bring your own helmet you can pick up an RFID sticker to help find your photo in our system.


  • What happens if I pre booked an open dated ticket?

    Please click here to contact us and book a time slot for your visit. Please bring your original ticket with you when you visit.
  • What will the experience be like at Downhill Karting this season?

    We'll just be taking extra precautions to keep you and our staff safe whilst on site. We have been able to draw on information and experience from our other sites in New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea to develop our Health and Safety Strategy.

  • How can I purchase tickets for Downhill Karting in this COVID-19 environment?

    You must buy tickets online before arrival, for a contactless and straight-to-gate experience. Click here for information on our open hours & session times.

    Guests are asked to arrive within the first 30 minutes of their selected session* to start their rides.

    Guests without a pre-purchased ticket will not be able to ride.

    *IMPORTANT: due to COVID-19 Restrictions, all customers must arrive within their selected session time.

  • What additional safety measures are you taking to encourage good hygiene amongst guests and staff?

    • We will be managing the flow and the number of people on-site at any one time.
    • We will have 2-meter markers on the ground around our site to promote social distancing.
    • Guests will only be able to ride together on the chairlift with people within their own bubble. i.e. same household or cohort.
    • We have increased the frequency and extent of our cleaning schedules.
    • We will clean every chair carrier at the start and middle of each day.
    • We will be washing and disinfecting Karts between every ride. 
    • All helmets are disinfected after use, but we recommend bringing your own.
    • We will have complimentary hand sanitizer for guests and staff at key locations around the complex.
    • Visual reminders on the importance of practising good hygiene will be displayed in key areas. These include social distancing, hand sanitizing and wearing masks.
    • We will continue to adapt and update our actions as needed. We encourage everyone to keep up to date with information from the AHS and the Alberta Government, available at
  • What are your open hours?

    Open hours are available here, and on our Instagram & Facebook pages. Hours are subject to change at any time so please keep an eye on our website.

  • Do I have to wear a mask onsite?

    Yes, guests and staff are required to wear masks in all queues and public areas onsite. Masks are not required whilst riding the downhill karts.

    Downhill Karting Calgary by Skyline Luge will continue adhering to enhanced public safety measures to keep everyone safe.

  • Do I need to provide proof of vaccine to experience downhill karting?

    No, at this time proof of vaccine is not required to enjoy Downhill Karting.
    Downhill Karting is fully outdoors. 2 metre distancing between households is required onsite as well as mask-wearing in all public areas.