Open Hours

Open now for Summer!

Just a reminder that tickets are valid for any date throughout the 2019 season, which make them a great gift for your friends/family.  

Days Dates Opening Times Closing Times
Sun-Mon 1st-2nd 10am 8pm
Tue-Fri 3rd-6th 1pm 7pm
Sat & Sun 7th-8th 10am 7pm
Mon-Fri 9th-13th 1pm 7pm
Sat & Sun 14th-15th 10am 7pm
Mon-Fri 16th-20th 1pm 7pm
Sat-Sun 21st-22nd 10am 7pm
Mon-Fri 23rd-27th 1pm 7pm
Sat-Sun 28th-29th 10am 7pm
Mon 30th  3pm 7pm
Days Dates Opening Times Closing Times
Tue-Fri 1st-4th 3pm 7pm
Sat-Sun 5th-6th 10am 7pm
Mon-Fri 7th-11th 3pm 7pm
Sat-Mon 12th-14th 10am 7pm
Tue  15th Closed Closed

Downhill Karting weather permitting, Monday, October 14th will be our final day of operation.  

For further queries, please email us at or alternatively phone us on: +1 403 776 0617.